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The Weald CofE Primary School

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Playground Buddies

At The Weald we operate a Playground Buddy system. Buddies consist of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils who have been trained in school to offer support and guidance to pupils at playtime and lunchtime. Buddies work in pairs following a weekly rota and can be identified by their red 'Buddy' arm band and cap worn when on duty. The role of a Playground Buddy is to be on hand to help pupils who have fallen over, assist with minor playground disagreements fairly, encourage shy children to join in or simply keep them company, informing staff when there are problems and setting a good example by caring for others.

The benefits of our Playground Buddy system are:

  • To encourage children to take responsibility
  • To actively care for and look out for others
  • To try to ensure that all children are free from loneliness or isolation
  • To encourage children to form a variety of friendships with both older and younger pupils
  • To encourage participation in a variety of traditional and modern playtime games and activities
  • To encourage high levels of self-esteem and confidence in all our pupils as valued members of our school community

'I feel excited, happy and I'm really looking forward to making people feel cheerful. I will make sure that everybody has a happy playtime and make sure that everybody has someone to play with, if they don't, they can play with me.'



'My role will be to help people who are hurt. As Playground Buddy, I will help them in anyway I can.'



'When it was announced that I was one of the Playground Buddies, I felt really happy, overwhelmed and over the moon. I will be making sure that everyone is happy and there are enough games for people to play. I am looking forward to setting up games.'



'I felt really glad to be chosen so that I can help other children to be happy in the playground.'



'I feel excited and I'm looking forward to making sure children are happy on the playground.'



'I was so happy when I was told that I would be helping other children. I will help people if they have any friendship problems or if someone has fallen over.'



'My role is to help others on the playground and make sure they feel comfortable in The Weald and that everyone is enjoying themselves. I was so happy to find out I am Playground Buddy as I love to organise games. I am looking forward to teaching the year 5's how to be a Playground Buddy just how the old year 6's taught me.'




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