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The Weald CofE Primary School

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Being Athletes

Our Vision

Physical Education at The Weald aims to develop children who understand the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Through a school-wide approach, based on Christian and sporting values and a safe and supportive environment, children are able to occupy the knowledge, skills and capabilities required for a positive mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing. We intend to deliver a broad curriculum through high-quality teaching and learning that is inclusive to all, celebrates diversity and has links to the wider curriculum.  Through links with Dorking School Sports Partnership and Active Surrey, we intend to give as many children as possible access to competitive sport, where they can represent the school and demonstrate their skills and values. Following that, achievements both in-school and externally will be celebrated to recognise those children and promote an active lifestyle.


How we plan and teach being an Athlete

PE Lessons/planning and resources

The Weald physical education curriculum is designed based on a progression of skills and knowledge approach across the school, as well as physical activity and mindfulness being key factors for a healthy lifestyle. All year groups take part in two, one hour lessons of PE per week, one using our vast outdoor space and the other within the sports hall. We achieve inclusivity though ensuring that all genders have equal opportunities and experiences. 

All year groups are working to the phased long term plan which offers a wide range of sporting experiences and allows for improvements on their sporting journey. Planning consists of games, athletics, gymnastics, dance and swimming. Swimming is taught in the phase of year 3/4, with children who have not yet reached national curriculum standard being required to attend a ‘top up’ swimming course. 

Enhancing experiences 

  • The Weald offer a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs, whether they be delivered by school staff or external providers. Clubs are open to all children within the designated age range to ensure all pupils receive the best experience.  
  • The school participates in competitions, fixtures and festivals run by both Dorking School Sports Partnership and Active Surrey. Children have been successful within these competitions and their achievements have been celebrated within assemblies.  
  • Children have access to a variety of equipment at break and lunchtimes. They can use this equipment to practice their skills and use their imagination to create games of their own. This increases their understanding of rules and values within sport. 
  • A variety of interschool competitions are run to ensure all have access to competitive sport, should they choose it. They are rewarded for achievement as well as improvement and demonstration of values. 
  • Teacher use active brain breaks within lessons to ensure children maintain engagement through short bursts of activity. 

Links with our enquiry curriculum

Where appropriate, dance is matched with the enquiry the children are currently studying which allows for an engaging and enriching experience.  

There are links with science (being a scientist), PSHE and wellbeing (being a philosopher) through enquiries around the human body, health and fitness.


How we evaluate our learning as Athletes

Children leaving The Weald will do so having experienced a range of sports and will have been exposed to the required knowledge and understanding to develop and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Some children will have enjoyed individual success within sporting events and competitions against other Dorking schools within the wider local community. 


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