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The Weald CofE Primary School

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Being a Scientist

Our Vision

Scientists at The Weald use their curiosity to develop the skills to: ask questions, make predictions and investigate in a variety of ways; about the world around them. They develop scientific knowledge about the impact of science on our lives today, and how it shapes our future.

How we plan and teach for being Scientists

Scientific knowledge and skills are developed over time through our enquiry led curriculum. Knowledge is sequenced throughout the enquiries and is organised to build upon prior learning. The curriculum has been developed to support a two-year cycle, where teachers plan in phases to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum 2014. Teachers will use progression documents, which outline what children have learnt in a previous phase, to ensure learning is progressive and meets the needs of all.

Working scientifically skills are also sequenced through our enquiries to build upon skills previously taught. Experimental and investigative tasks and challenges have a clear purpose and provide children with the opportunity to become Scientists.

How we evaluate our learning as Scientists

The impact of being a Scientist within our enquiry curriculum can be seen and heard as well as represented in outcomes. Impact can be seen through the children’s books, displays and the challenges that the children produce. In classrooms, working walls demonstrate the learning journey; States of Being characters feature in books, classroom displays and visual timetables as well as our website and newsletters.


Supporting your Scientist at home

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