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The Weald CofE Primary School

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Being Geographers

Our Vision

Geographers at The Weald use geographical vocabulary, tools, and maps to identify and describe natural and human-created systems or features. Using fieldwork, they observe, explore, measure and record features in the landscape, and how humans interact with the world around them. They understand that humans are changing their environment and that we can all now act to create a better, more sustainable world.


How we plan and teach for being a Geographer

Our Geography enquiries start local and then look out to the wider world. This gives learners the confidence to talk about their locality, and in turn, gives them the tools to compare their locality with other locations around the world. Through the enquiries, we aim to develop their skills in using maps, atlases and digital resources to build their knowledge of their locality, the UK and the wider world. At The Weald, we are developing our Geographers this year with a focus on map work. Trips, visitors and using our school grounds, enrich and enhance the Geographers experiences.


How we evaluate our learning as a Geographer

The impact of our enquiry curriculum can be seen and heard as well as represented in outcomes. Impact can be seen through the children’s books, displays and the challenges that the children produce. In classrooms, working walls demonstrate the learning journey; States of Being characters feature in books, classroom displays and visual timetables as well as our website and newsletters.


Please find more information on the National Geographic Kids webpage.


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