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The Weald CofE Primary School

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The Weald Curriculum

Please click here to view our Weald Curriculum presentation.


Click here for information about The National Curriculum.


Click here for information our approach to teaching, learning and assessment in The Good Shepherd Trust schools.



Our Curriculum Offer


During the summer term 2019, we worked with children, parents and staff, in order to review our curriculum offer. We listened carefully to what our stakeholders wanted to learn about, why and when. As a result, we have placed the National Curriculum into our local context and the knowledge that all of our children, particularly those who are disadvantaged, need to make rapid progress, without compromising curriculum breadth and depth.


The Weald Church of England Primary School, offers children a space to learn and grow.

Learning opportunities build upon children's interests and prior learning, in order to ignite their interest and desire to question and find out more.

We have carefully and progressively planned knowledge and skill development across the primary phase, to ensure that our children are ready for the next phase of their education, as well as in life.

We are ambitious for our children, with a desire to create memorable experiences, in an inclusive, safe and values driven environment. 

Visits, visitors and outdoor learning enrich both collaborative and independent learning experiences.

Learning journeys are launched with an engaging 'hook'. Skillful planning, teaching and facilitation, challenges and guides children to embed their learning over a period of time, in the context of a purposeful end outcome.


Reading, Writing and Maths are taught daily in our school, ensuring that all children develop the key skills they will need to access other curriculum areas and those required for the practical side of life.  Through the deployment of a  cross-curricular approach (where appropriate), children are afforded regular opportunities to refine, practise and deepen their knowledge.  All teachers tailor their lessons carefully, to ensure that every child can access the curriculum – whatever their ability – in order to experience success.  Our curriculum enables each child to not only enjoy their education but also to make progress and appropriately achieve.


At The Weald Church of England Primary School. every child is important and deserves success. We will support and help every child to become the best they can possibly be. We want each child to:

  • Have high expectations of what they can and will achieve
  • Achieve the very best they can
  • Make progress in their learning
  • Have a positive attitude towards their learning
  • Have a healthy lifestyle
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Be proud of their school 
  • Be polite, kind and helpful members of the community

But most of all we want them to enjoy school!   At The Weald Church of England Primary School, we endeavour to achieve all of this, for all our children.


For more information about how we make our curriculum accessible for children with Special Educational Needs please visit our SEND page of the website or call our SENDCo Mrs Hopkins who would be happy to talk to you.


Do you require more information?

If you would like further information about the curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher in the first instance.

One of our Assistant Head Teacher's (Mrs O'Donnell) has responsibility for the curriculum overview and can be contacted via the school office.


Phonics and Reading


To ensure that our children are prepared for life long learning, we are passionate that they should all be able to read at an age appropriate level, as a minimum. Our stimulus for this begins with a variety of opportunities to read for pleasure, alongside the systematic teaching of phonics and the purposeful teaching of reading techniques, all being woven throughout our curriculum.

Regular phonics and reading assessments (using the PM Benchmark Kit) take place each half term in order to monitor children's progress and to undertake rapid intervention if required. 


We follow the Letters and Sounds phonic scheme and a variety of reading schemes including Ginn and Oxford Reading Tree.

The PM Benchmark Book Banding System supports us in supporting children and their teachers, to select appropriate books



Our Foundation Stage Curriculum ( Reception Year)


Building on the work of our partner pre-schools, our EYFS pupils follow the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Children learn through a range of adult-led and child-initiated activities both indoors and outdoors.


The curriculum is based around the following areas of learning:


Prime Areas

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

  • Personal, social and emotional development


Specific Areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design


To note that due to small numbers of EYFS and Year 1 pupils, these children are currently taught as a mixed age class.

The planning below provides an overview, which is differentiated by the teacher within the short term planning, to allow appropriate learning opportunities and progression at the appropriate keystages, as well as to respond to the children's interests and needs.


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