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Year 6 Rookesbury Park

Well not long now as we say in Year 6, as we prepare for the residential at Rooksbury Park. Hopefully everyone has their kit list to know what to bring, and is looking forward to the off.

We'll be leaving regular blogs everyday with the odd photograph, showing you what the children have been up to, so don't forget to check back for daily updates.

















Monday 5th June - Let the adventure begin


Well we've arrived, midday to be exact. I can report we've had no tears, and all children have excitedly settled into their rooms. We have had a tour, and shown the showers etc. Whether they'll get used is another matter. The children are looking forward to dinner this evening, and are quite intrigued as to what this evenings activity will be. It's entitled "around the campfire."

We have had a little drizzle, but were able to play games in the sports hall. Not much more to report. Hopefully there will be some action shots tomorrow of both staff and children. Mr K has promised to be first up the climbing wall! The camera will be poised ready and proof will be on the blog tomorrow.

Mr.B.          😊


10pm  - ....and it was as quiet as a mouse, noboby stirred, well okay then Mrs Moon needed another cup of tea.

Dinner went down well, followed by an impromptu fire alarm in the rain! Then we moved onto an inside activity, where they competed against each other in 4 teams. Lots of cheering, lots of noise, and by the end they were shattered, the teachers, as I'm sure were the children.


Everyone got ready for bed, no more tears as the sun sets on day 1😴😴😴😴

Training Musketeers, as we solve a problem

Tuesday 13th Day 2

Well we survived night 1, with everyone having a quiet night, yes I did say quiet night, apart from the odd snoring episode, with out naming anyone, Mr K

Breakfast was a buffet style English breakfast, and some even had seconds, such wad their hunger. 

Onto the activities and the pool came into play, where the children had to build rafts. Next time we'll remind them to tie the barrels to the wood.

 Another group played sensory games, where trust came into play. Children having to follow each other blind folded. 

As I type this the children are playing games, energetically outside before the afternoon begins.

Wednesday 7th June - day3


After another quietish night breakfast has been taken and activities are under way, starting with Mrs Moon's and Mrs Jones's second cuppa of the day, something which has become something of a ritual! 


We wished happy birthday to another, Joshua, cake and all, after breakfast, as the children move onto their first activities.


Ms. Monaghan's room partied into the small hours on her cake and pressie, well 9.30 to be precise, after the girls surprised her with decorations and more. The food has been really good and the levels of tiredness can be measured by the fact that Mr. K said both he and his teddy Boris slept like babies. 


More pictures later, as we begin to move into the terrain of archery, kayaking and orienteering. Mrs Pirt has kindly volunteered to do her bit by having the apple placed on her head for target practice., as we still await the elusive picture of Mr.K up the climbing wall.


Thursday - Day 4 we're in the water....

The children enjoyed time around the camp fire last night after dinner, and had a chance to show their talent, in an impromptu talent show. Among the contributors was a wonderful Japanese poem recital from Natalie. They have also learnt a whole load of campfire songs that Mr.K will be rehearsing with the children in time for the assembly next week.


A quiet night was followed by "Do we really have to get up yet,...."from the teachers as Mrs Jones tried to sneak another 10 mins under the duvet. The children have been really good at getting ready, if a little tired, especially with the prospect of a full English waiting for them in the dining hall. Clearly they will expect this at home from now on you do realise.


Joshua arrived this morning, for a short taste of Camp Rooksbury, and a loud hurrahhh! greeted him as he entered his dormitory.


Today the children head into the lake, not literally but on kayaks, where they will get to learn the basics of the sport and play a few games. Again Mr.K has said he will venture into the pond, but proof will be in the picture, as has Mrs.Pirt. 


More pictures to follow and hilights of the Kayaking. The tablets are shared amongst all of the groups, but due to the poor wireless connection, it takes an age to get them onto the blog, so apologies if your child is yet to appear. 


Mr. B

Kayaking challenge,

Friday 9th June - final day.

As ever with residentials, the time flies by. If there was one thing all staff wish the children remember in years to come it would be the fun they had, and actually how they all worked together so well as a team. Made a new friend, maybe, ate something they thought they didn't like possibly, but how independent they had to become overnight organising themselves, absolutely.


The children are all packed up ready for the trip home, currently enjoying their final activity, in bright sunshine. Another quiet night, which has become the norm, and a final breakfast taken. The disco last night was enjoyed by all, with Mrs Moon and Mrs Pirt leading the way, with their version of some sort of Tango, Macarena, Jive take on a Justin Beiber hit. Mr K was keeping his cards close to his chest, foot tapping, contemplating how he got dumped in the lake earlier in the day during his kayaking session.


We will be leaving here at 2pm, stopping briefly for, a leg stretch, and will be back promptly at 4pm for the children to be picked up.


The. children have been an absolute credit to the school and yourselves this week. Personally I would like to thank them, and the staff, without whom trips like this would not be able to take place, for their full support. Mr K, Mrs Pirt, Mrs Jones and Mrs Moon



Rooksbury Park 2017

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