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The Weald (CofE) Primary School

Year 5 St Anthony

Welcome to Year 5 - St Anthony!


Class Teacher: Mrs L McGregor

Year 5 Viking Day

Year 5 Viking Day 1
Year 5 Viking Day 2
Year 5 Viking Day 3
Year 5 Viking Day 4
Year 5 Viking Day 5
Year 5 Viking Day 6
Year 5 Viking Day was a day full of learning about their jobs, weapons, history, games and much more. There are more photos on our Facebook page and on the 5 St Joan of Arc class page. 

An Electrifying Lesson!

An Electrifying Lesson! 1
An Electrifying Lesson! 2
An Electrifying Lesson! 3
An Electrifying Lesson! 4
An Electrifying Lesson! 5
An Electrifying Lesson! 6
Year 5 St Anthony investigated different materials to find the best conductor of electricity today. Once they had found the best conductor they wrote a recommendation to the local football team to suggest that they use this material to floodlight their football pitch! It was an electrifying lesson!