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The Weald (CofE) Primary School


We are always grateful to receive feedback and appreciate the time that people take to let us know if there are things we could do better, or if there are things that we are doing right.  Here is a selection of some of the positive comments we have received about our practice:

My child came from a feeder school in September and WOW, I am  so happy now!  He has continued to improve on a similar trajectory in his lessons, but the most impressive change has been in his social interactions.   He joined the Weald as a very shy and sometimes embarrassingly quiet boy.  He wouldn't talk to his hairdresser or dentist without our interjection, nor would he dare ask an adult a question or answer one.  Over the last few months we have noticed a significant change, he will now respond and engage in conversation, and so many people have commented on how he has come out of himself.  It's a complete joy to watch, the pinnacle, and prompt for this email, was that he sang a solo line at the KS2 performance.

I recently witnessed an interaction between a member of staff and a child, and I get the feeling that you do indeed nurture our children to the best of your ability.

I wanted to let you know that right now, certainly for us, The Weald is doing a great job and I wanted you to know that!  On the recent school visit, the mails saying the pupils had arrived safely and had then boarded the return coach safely as well was a lovely touch.