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The Weald (CofE) Primary School


It is the aim of the Geography curriculum at The Weald to inspire in the children a curiosity and fascination with the world and its people that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  As outlined in the National Curriculum, this will be fostered by developing their knowledge of the countries of the world, including both their physical and human characteristics, starting with where we live and expanding the reach and depth of our studies through the years.  This is achieved through programmes of study based around topics. For example, the Infants carry out investigations into our local area; why it’s a good place to live and how it could be improved, and contrasting this with a seaside location.   In Year 4, the idea of contrast is further developed by studying the Gambia in West Africa.


These Geographical themes are linked with other subjects, rather than being studied in isolation, as shown in Year 5, where the Water topic leads to the study of a European river, but also makes strong links to areas of Science such as the Water Cycle, and Art, where the children look at how artists have represented water in their works.  Maths is used, for example, when talking about temperature and distance, English for writing up explanations.


Geographical skills, including the use of maps and compasses, will be developed alongside the deepening knowledge of the world’s features.