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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter - Statement of Support

At The Weald we strive to promote equality and celebrate diversity in all its forms. All that we do is underpinned by the Weald School values- Respect, Trust, Responsibility, Forgiveness and Love. As a school we are committed to tackling racism and other forms of discrimination. Ordinarily in school we respond to local and national events, and aim to give our children the time and space to understand, question and develop their viewpoints of the world around them. 


We feel it is important to address and reflect the ongoing events across the world in response to George Floyd’s death and the Black Lives Matter Movement and support you in discussions you may be having with your children. We all have a part to play in fighting racism and striving for an equal society where people are not judged or persecuted for their skin colour, let alone harmed by those in authority who should be there to keep them safe. We at The Weald School stand in solidarity with the local and global Black Community.


While it may not be a subject that some children have looked at in depth before, we believe it to be a necessary conversation. Whether it is in the classroom or at home, we hope that discussions will be interesting and insightful. To support you at home The Good Shepherd Trust has produced a parent’s guide to Black Life Matters. We hope that you find this supportive and informative to use with your child.