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The Weald (CofE) Primary School


At The Weald, our children have the opportunity to explore Art through a range of topics. We support the children in developing their abilities in using different art techniques, these include: sketching, painting, sculpting, and printing. Children are encouraged to take pride in the artwork that they produce; each having their own sketch book that they take with them through the school. Our outdoor area is used to inspire the children to respond creatively to the world around us and children make use of this fantastic space to immerse themselves in their artwork. As the children move through the school, they study a variety of different artists and have the chance to recreate their different styles, including the work of Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh. When learning these techniques, children are challenged to compare and evaluate the effectiveness of different styles, as well as thinking about the messages that can be shown through artwork. In addition to exciting learning opportunities in the classroom, children can also refine their skills in our after school craft club.