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The Weald (CofE) Primary School

3 St Francis

Year 3 St Peter - how do you feel about The Weald School?


"It has good learning and helps us get a good education. There are lots of nice teachers and lots of lovely fields. People get looked after and there are great after-school clubs."

"The teachers show us ways around a problem if we get stuck and show us new ways of doing things. They help us when we get muddled."

"We have lots of different resources to help us focus and work out problems."

"My teacher is the best in the school. She is lovely and kind, helpful, funny, loyal, respectful, exciting, smiley, and sometimes crazy!"

"People here are friendly and welcoming to new people. I have kind and happy friends who are always there for me."

"I feel safe because teachers take care of us and always watch where we go. They help us if we are hurt and help us sort out arguments. The building is safe too and we have big gates!"

Our Habitats and Butterfly Lifecycles