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As part of The Good Shepherd Trust and a Church of England school, Religious Eductation is a core part of the curriculum. We follow the updated guidelines which were published by Guildford Diocese in 2015. Through this the children are mainly taught about the Christian faith, but also cover units on each of the other world religions. Through the Religious Education curriculum, the children not only learn about the key aspects of the different areas of Christianity and other faiths, but also think about how it may apply to their lives.


In accordance with current legislation, parents and carers do have the right to ask for their child to be withdrawn from RE lessons.

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Once a term we hold a Pause Day in which the whole school is involved for a whole day of RE learning. The emphasis for our last Pause Day was The Easter Story and each year group was given a key question to help further their understanding, and develop greater depth learning. Each year group then decide how to present their learning and during our whole-school Communion Service the groups explain what they had discovered. These are the questions for each year group.

Reception: Who ate with Jesus?

Year 1: What do eggs have to do with Easter?

Year 2: Why is Easter important to Christians?

Year 3: What happened during Holy Week and what matters most to Christians?

Year 4: How does Lent help Christians prepare for Easter?

Year 5: How do we know what happened at Easter?

Year 6: Did Jesus have to die?