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The Weald (CofE) Primary School

Learning Behaviours

Our Learning Behaviour Code

The Three Rs

The Behaviour Code was developed with the School Council to clarify the learning behaviours of all children at The Weald Primary School. The Three Rs are a simple, memorable code that all children are expected to follow.


Ready, Respect, Responsibility


Whenever I come into the classroom I am ready to learn...
· I make sure I am ready to learn by checking the board for instructions when I come into the class-room
· I make sure I am ready to learn by listening to the instructions given by the adult working with me.
· I make sure I am ready to learn— I have a positive attitude and I make sure I have the right equipment (pen, pencil, ruler etc).
· I am always ready to learn which means I will always have a go at the answer.


I show respect for myself, I respect those around me and I respect my learning environment...

· I always show respect by listening to adults or to whoever is talking. I show them that I am listening by stopping whatever I am doing and looking at them.
· I show respect by following instructions I am given the first time I am asked. If I am not sure or don’t understand the instruction I ask for help (from a friend or a teacher or another adult).
· I show respect by always putting my hand up if I want to say something to the whole class or answer an adult.
· I show respect by allowing my classmates the opportunity to learn, by not distracting them or behaving in a way that would disrupt a lesson.
· I show respect by keeping my class room and my belongings tidy and organised.
· I show respect by always trying my hardest.

I take responsibility for my learning, this means:

· I don’t waste time during my lessons
· I get straight on with my learning without being reminded.
· I need to stay focused on whatever my learning task is.
· I work hard not to get distracted—if I find staying focused difficult then I ask adults to support me.
· I work hard to contribute to the lesson by answering questions and listening carefully.
· I concentrate on working around problems that I may face by using all the resources I have available to me— the learning wall, my books, my classmates, or adults
· I take pride in my work; I don’t scribble in or on my books. I take care to present my work as neatly as I can.
· I always check though my work before I hand it in to make sure I have made it the very best it can be.
· I treat all pupils well.