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The Weald (CofE) Primary School

Collective Worship

Picture 1 The children help the vicar with storytelling
Picture 2 Year 6 children help with our Combined Worship

Our school provides the opportunity to experience what it is to live in a community that celebrates the Christian faith, offering a tangible, memorable experience of an active and loved relationship with God. It is a place where there is welcome and hospitality, encouragement and comfort, trust and understanding. We aim to develop spirituality and a sense of meaning and mystery in everyone. School life is distinctly Christian within a broader spirituality, which encompasses all faiths represented in our community, and where respect and love for one another is a core aspect of our school family.


· Collective worship (assembly) every day - this will always be Christian in nature and follow a different theme each term

· Religious Education lessons which cover Christianity and other world religions

· Visits to church, and from the church for end-of-term services, family Holy Communion, and curriculum activities

· Opportunities for prayer in school, including in the classroom and in collective worship

· Opportunities for prayer and reflection in various prayer spaces around the school


Picture 1
Picture 1